I am a recent graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara with a Bachelors of Arts in in Film & Media Studies and a minor in Professional Writing with a Multimedia emphasis. 

I am a creative soul with a strategic mind. I'm passionate about many things, but mostly, I care about connecting with others. I genuinely value human connection and understanding, which led me to the field of marketing. With my design background, I strive to create content that will reach and resonate with people across the world.

I have been an avid traveler since I was eleven months old. I've travelled every year of my life since then. My fervent wanderlust has strongly influenced my perspective on the world. I love to immerse myself in different environments, meet new people, and push myself out of my comfort zone. I apply this mindset to everything that I do. Whether I am stepping off a plane or walking into an interview, I am a strong believer that we should learn from all of the experiences that we face and the people that we come in contact with. I strive to continuously educate myself and grow from the world around me.

Beyond that, I love music, sunsets, and the Montserrat font family.